Project goals

The main goal of the project is to strengthen the competitiveness and territorial cohesion of the border area through sustainable development and networking of border regions of Greece and Italy.

The specific goals whose attainment pursued through the implementation of this project are:

  • The protection and preservation of cultural heritage as expressed through the wine-making tradition, viticulture and local gastronomy
  • The response to the growing demand of residents, but mainly tourists for contact with cultural heritage
  • The promotion of cross-border culture by organizing cultural events and the creation of joint structures to strengthen local tradition, particularly through joint cultural centers
  • Strengthening of local development and economy utilizing local products and alternative forms of tourism such as wine-tourism
  • The promotion of interculturalism through the organization of various cultural, artistic and educational activities
  • Encouraging cross-border trade with a focus on wine
  • The strengthening of alternative tourism
  • The improvement of local policies aimed at sustainable local development with respect to the specific cultural features of each region
  • The dissemination of the project results in Europe and especially in areas with similar characteristics

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