«Cross-border Network for the Promotion of Wine Products» project is implemented under the 1st Invite of the European Territorial Cooperation Programmes «Greece-Italy 2007-2013» and the total budget amounts to 1.240.500,00 €.

The partners who participate in the project from Greece are the following: Anaptixiaki Ipirou SA-Development SA TAB (Lead Partner), Region of Epirus, Municipality of Konitsa and from Italy: Municipality of Cellino San Marco and Municipality of Guagnano located in the province of Apulia region in south Italy.

The «WINE-NET» project aims to promote the cultural and natural heritage through the development of traditional viticulture, wine-making and wine tourism (as a subset of rural tourism) in the areas where the project is implemented. This goal is consistent with the overall strategic goal of the program to strengthen the competitiveness and territorial cohesion towards sustainable development through the association of potential areas of both countries .

In implementing the project, which is expected to be completed in September 2013, specific actions are included such as: Study for the local wine tradition and Business Plan for the development of wine tourism . Creation Museum of Vine and Wine in Konitsa , Create showrooms Wine in the Municipalities of Cellino San Marco and Guagnano. Networking activities to promote wine products and wine tourism as a Transboundary Forum , and training activities including the organization of training seminars with object the produced wine products and the Gastronomy of Epirus and study visits in Italy. Conferences , Events promotional wine- wine products (be organized 2 day event projection and presentation of wine products (one in Greece and one in Italy), production of television documentaries . Similar actions will be organized by the Italian partners in Italy and Greece .

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WineNET gives the opportunity in wine products producers to construct their own website through WineNET, aiming to showcase their products and promote them to the public.

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Περιφέρεια Ηπείρου
Δήμος Κόνιτσας
Δήμος Cellino San Marco
Δήμος Guagnano
Greece Italy 2007 2013

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